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Assessing your Company

Step 1- Organizational Assessment

We review your key personnel, sales data, data management tools and practices, consumer & Installer Research, VIO, replacement rate information. We include all of the customer facing cross functional teams  to understand knowledge and information gaps.  Our 12-Skill-set proprietary interview program is a cornerstone of our assessment program.

Step 2- Building your plan

We develop your organizational plan from your company strategic plan the Assessment  to help design a road-map for success. We collaborate with our clients to create winning strategies and tactics.

Step3- Implementation

Organizational Optimization begins both internally and externally as we engage the customer. Whether you are a manufacturer/supplier of automotive goods, or trying to develop a supplier management program, Insights2Action can help your organization.

Training & Development

Identifying Technical, Analytical and other skill gaps

Our  Personnel Assessment includes our 12-Step Interview process that will identify skill gaps from which we deliver a development plan for each individual.  

The other portion of the Assessment is a proprietary game changer that empowers the employee.

Identifying Resource Gaps

We know the data sources that will empower your team to succeed and how to get the best return for the ten's to hundreds of dollars that you invest in research and information that supports your business.

We also will provide organizational structure recommendations from our Best Practices experience across 2 industries.

Category Management & Sales Training

Our program is unique. It allows us to understand if the client's employees can apply their learning, and present new ideas and concepts to vendors or customers.  It is much more than an academic exercise. 

It prepares your team for the challenging aspects of customer or vendor management and optimizing Cross-functional collaboration. 

4 different training options are available.

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