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Category Management Capability

Supplier-  "It's amazing today to think where we started almost ten years ago with your help.  You helped us lay a foundation for what we believe is a competitive advantage  in the Aftermarket.  I want to sincerely thank you for your vision, guidance, and insistence that we follow the disciplined road-map that you laid out for us. Our company's success today stands on this foundation."


Large Retailer-  Web-Fetch outperformed 2 competitors in a side by side challenge in Three areas.  Accuracy, Speed, and Access to Industry sites.

Supplier- "The Web-Fetch tool is excellent, and the team is very responsive to our needs.  Many times going beyond our expectations."

Demand Forecaster

Manufacturer/Supplier- "Our company has launched hundreds of new parts in our current product segments, as well as new segments that we entered as a result of the OES point-of-sale data provided to us by Demand Forecaster"

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